Jamaica Star article on LOVE IS with Cocoa Tea & D'Angel!


Great article on the new single


Veteran artiste Cocoa Tea has teamed up with the self-proclaimed First Lady of the Dancehall – D’Angel, on a new single Love Is.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR, D’Angel said she was surprised when contacted by Cocoa Tea to do a collaboration.

“He called me and said he wanted to do a collab. He’s a foundation artiste that I really look up to, and I admired his work over the years. He sent it to me, I recorded my part and the rest is history,” D’Angel stated.

Love Is will be the first single from Cocoa Tea’s new album Inna Di Red, which is scheduled to hit stores on November 6.

According to Cocoa Tea, he chose D’Angel because she is talented.

“A lot of people underestimate her talent. I wanted to know if she had the talent to record on my type of rhythm – a reggae rhythm, and she has done very well,” Cocoa Tea said.

He went on to say that the single has exceeded his expectations and that the response from fans has been overwhelming.

D’Angel also echoed similar sentiment, telling THE WEEKEND STAR that many persons were shocked to know that she was the one on the single.


growth for D’Angel

“People have been calling me, sending me messages on facebook and Twitter saying they can’t believe it’s me. Dem say dem love how me ride the rhythm and ting. Music has no boundaries and my talent has no boundaries, it’s definitely a growth for D’Angel,” she said.

Meanwhile, there are also plans to release a follow-up to Love Is, and a video for the single is also in the works.

In the meantime, Cocoa Tea is gearing up for tours in Nigeria, Europe and the United States.